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The contents of this web site and online booking services on this page are owned by the travel agency Connecto Mare Ltd., provided that they are for your personal, noncommercial use in accordance with the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions are intended to protect users of Internet site Connectotravel.com and to protect the travel agency. With the emergence of the Internet, protection from irresponsible, disturbing and distracting, and also illegal acts and activities must be a priority.

These conditions are available online, via e-mail or telephone. When accessing and using our web site and / or completion a reservation, you agree that you have read, understood, and agreed with the terms which are listed below (including privacy policy).



All information about accommodation services are based on the data given to us by the owners of the accommodation. The accommodation owners also have access to accommodation and administration systems and are fully responsible for updating the price, availability and other information displayed on our website. Every accommodation owner remains responsible at all times for accuracy and completeness of the information displayed on our website. All facilities have been checked by our agents and are presented by them as realistically as possible.

Connectotravel.com offers online reservation system through which visitors of the website can make a reservation. After you book through our website, you have entered into a legally binding contract relationship with the accommodation you have booked. When making reservations, Connectotravel.com only acts as an intermediary between you and the owner of the accommodation; it transfers details for the selected accommodation and sends the booking confirmation on behalf of the owner of the accommodation.

Our services are available for personal, noncommercial use, therefore, it is not allowed to download or reproduce any content or information, software, products or services available on our web site for any commercial or competitive activity.

Our goal is to provide potential guests around the world the possibility of booking accommodation in a safe, economical, fast and effective way; expand and improve the standards of its operations in accordance with modern principles of world tourism industry.

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All prices on our website are per unit and include VAT (Value Added Tax) and all other taxes, unless otherwise stated on the confirmation or reservation. Sometimes the site offers discounts for certain accommodations, but the owners of accommodation can also specify special restrictions and conditions as related to the termination deadline. Please thoroughly review the details and conditions when booking.

Connectotravel.com guarantees lowest price on the market, and if after booking through our site you find your accommodation online with the same conditions but lower prices, we commit ourselves to return the price difference. This applies only to the agency price and Connectotravel.com isn’t responsible for lower or higher prices that owners of the accommodation give directly without mediation.

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The data from your credit card are given to guarantee the reservation, payment or billing terms formed according to owners of accommodation, and those are expressed in the offer and the price of the confirmation granted after booking. To protect data from credit cards, we use "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and your data are completely safe. SSL encryption is a tested system that allows your browser to automatically encrypt your data before you send them. For a special offer credit card can be charged immediately upon booking, with no possibility of refund. Please check your details when making such a reservation.

In the case of fraud and abuse of your credit card by a third party, most banks and credit card companies bear the risk and cover all costs arising from the abuse.

You also have the option of paying via foreign currency transfers when booking if you choose this option. After booking, our operators will send you an offer. Depending on the country and the bank with which you make payments, transfer of these funds may take up to a week. It is vital that you fax or e-mail to the bank a certificate of payment, because otherwise we can not guarantee your reservation.

Bank account for foreign currency transfer:

Connecto Mare d.o.o
141. Brigade 18, 21000 Split
IBAN: HR72 2484 0081 1048 2342 7
Bank details : Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb
Petrinjska 59, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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If you want to change or cancel a reservation, please follow the instructions you received in the e-mail confirmation. Keep in mind that the notice period or part of the total booking amount can be charged. We suggest that you carefully read the cancellation policy when booking.
When making reservations for a specific accommodation, you accept and agree with the notice period specified in the reservation and the policy in case of non arrival. The terms of cancellation policy are listed in the process of reservation of the selected accommodation and you will also receive them in the confirmation of your reservation. After you have requested the cancellation of your reservation you will receive confirmation of your cancellation via e-mail. In case you don’t receive it, check your spam folder.

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When booking, you accept that we send you an e-mail in which we give you complete information about the accommodation which you have booked, rules, and the accommodation cancellation policy. We will also send you an e-mail to rate the quality of and satisfaction with services at the accommodation only to inform future users about your experience. We will also regularly send promotional offers and news of our agency.

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In accordance with the aforementioned terms and conditions, we are liable only for direct damages you have suffered and incurred in the absence of compliance with obligations that are related to our services.

Connectotravel.com, or any of its officers, directors, employees or agents involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting or other content creation will not be liable for any criminal liability, direct or indirect losses or damages, loss of contracts, any inaccuracies related to the information described on our website (including pricing and availability), services or products offered by the hotel; damage, loss or expenses you paid or incurred due to errors, injury, negligence, willful misconduct, negligence, tort, failure , overbooking, strike or any other events at the hotel, which is beyond our control.

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Connecto mare d.o.o. has high ethical standards and respects your privacy. We are committed that your name, address, e-mail address and credit card information required for booking will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

When you make a reservation for a specific type of accommodation, you will be asked to fill out the online form that includes: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card information (credit card type, credit card holders name, numbers of the Credit card, card expiration date, CVC). This information is required to process your reservation (including sending of an e-mail confirming your reservation).

In order to protect your personal information we apply a particular system. To protect data from credit cards, we use "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and your data is completely safe. We also use security procedures and limited access to use the personal data. Only authorized employees are permitted access to personal information to perform their duties relating to our service.

Our server and network are protected from unauthorized access and we have a system that follows the attempts of unauthorized access or misuse of our servers. Your credit card will be retained a maximum of 7 days after booking, and subsequently deleted.

If your information is incorrect, please contact us via e-mail support@connectotravel.com and at your request, we can change them.

By sending us an e-mail, you can ask us to permanently remove your information from the database.

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The original Croatian version of these terms can be translated into other languages but no rights can not be achieved in the translated version. In the case of a dispute over the content or interpretation of these terms, or inconsistencies or discrepancies between the Croatian version, and any other version, the main and referent version is the one in the Croatian language. Croatian version is available on our web page (after you select the Croatian language) and can be sent in writing upon your request.

Unless otherwise specified, the software needed for our service is either available or being used on our website, and intellectual property rights (including copyrights), content and information, and material on our website are owned by travel agency Connecto mare d.o.o.

These conditions and provision of our services are regulated by and construed in accordance with Croatian law and any dispute arising from these general conditions and our services are exclusively submitted to the competent court in Split, Croatia.

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Travel agency Connecto mare d.o.o. is responsible for the processing of your personal information. Connecto Mare Ltd is a limited liability company, registered under the laws of Croatian and has its office at 141. Brigade 18, 21000 Split.

If you have suggestions or comments regarding the privacy policy, please contact us by e-mail support@connectotravel.com.

In every moment we have the right to change the way we collect, process and transmit personal data and other information if deemed relevant. Therefore, this privacy statement may be modified or amended in order to comply with the latest trends.

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