Nature Parks

According to the Nature Protection Law (Official Gazette 162/03) a nature park is an area of land or sea, naturally or partially cultivated, with features of international or national importance, with very particular landscape, educational, cultural history and tourist and recreational values.

Nature park Biokovo

Area covered by the park includes the coastal strip, the length of some 50 km from Brela to Gradac. The impressive peaks (about 1500 m) and steep cliffs are hardly two to three kilometers from the coastline. Biokovo an excellent area for mountain recreation. High cliffs from the base of Makarska Riviera seem available only for alpinists...

Nature park Kopacki Rit

Kopački rit Nature Park is situated in the northeastern part of the Republic of Croatia, it`s the flat part of Baranja, belonging to Osječko-baranja County, mainly lowland situated between the Drava and Danube rivers and the state border with the Republic of Hungary. Kopački Rit is a floodplain with lakes and swamp forests on the surface...

Nature park Field Lonjsko

Lonja Field is the largest protected floodplain in the Danube basin. It consists of three fields: Lonja, Mokro and Poganovo field. This Nature Park extends along the Sava River, between the city of Sisak and Jasenovac. On the southern side it is the river Sava, and the northern highway Zagreb - Lipovac. Nature Park was declared in year 1990...

Nature park Medvednica

The southeastern part of the municipalities of Bistra, located west of the mountains of Mt Medvednica was in 16th of June 1981. declared as a nature park. The park covers an area of Medvednica from Podsused to Kašinsko Sedlo, the highest and most attractive parts of the mountains are protected. Medvednica Park occupies...

Nature park Papuk

Papuk is a mountain in eastern Croatia, northern and northwestern boundary of the Požega basin. 1999th it was proclaimed a nature park Papuk. Year 2007 the Papuk Geopark - the first Geopark in Croatia. Famous recreational centers are Zvečevo, Jankovac and Velika, as well as an arboretum Lisičine. The emphasis is on forest cover and partly...

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