Croatian camps have categorization from 1-4 stars. The standards are very similar to the European ones. Camping segment makes up over 24% of the total accommodation capacities in Croatia.

There are 540 registered campsites, of which 406 belong to the category of mini-camps. The total camp capacity is 217.342 units of accommodation. On the Croatian coast there are about 230 campsites. About 60 camps are ones of the biggest camping areas on the coast.

Camping Adriatic

Capacity: 1680
Address: Primošten, Huljerat b.b.
(Dalmatia-Šibenik region)

 accommodation Primošten

Camping Amarin

Capacity: 2000
Address: Rovinj, Monsena b.b.
(Istria region)

 accommodation Rovinj

Naturist Camping Baldarin

Capacity: 1200
Address: Nerežine, Punta Križa b.b.

 accommodation Nerežine

Camping Bijela Uvala

Capacity: 6000
Address: Poreč , Zelena Laguna

 accommodation Poreč

Camping Bi-Village

Capacity: 4150
Address: Fažana, Dragonja 115

 accommodation Fažana

Camping Borik

Capacity: 1500
Address: Zadar, Majstora Radovana 7
(Dalmatia-Zadar region)

 accommodation Zadar

Naturist Camping Bunculuka

Capacity: 1200
Address: Baška, E. Geistlicha 39

 accommodation Baška

Camping Colone

Capacity: 1000
Address: Bale, Longher b.b.

 accommodation Bale

Camping Čikat

Capacity: 2500
Address: Mali Lošinj, Čikat b.b.

 accommodation Mali Lošinj

Camping Đardin

Capacity: 700
Address: Sv. Filip i Jak., Put primorja 4
(Dalmatia-Zadar region)

 accommodation Sv. Filip & Jakov

Camping Finida

Capacity: 800
Address: Umag, Križine 55a

 accommodation Umag

Camping Galeb

Capacity: 1400
Address: Omiš, Vukovarska b.b.
(Dalmatia-Split region)

 accommodation Omiš

Camping Glavotok

Capacity: 850
Address: Malinska, Glavotok 4

 accommodation Malinska

Camping Indije

Capacity: 1500
Address: Pula / Banjole, Indije 96

 accommodation Pula

Naturist Camping Istra

Capacity: 3000
Address: Funtana , Grgeti 35

 accommodation Funtana

Camping Jezera-Lovišća

Capacity: 1200
Address: Jezera, Zaratić 1
(Dalmatia-Zadar region)

 accommodation Jezera

Camping Ježevac

Capacity: 2010
Address: Krk, Plavnička b.b.

 accommodation Krk

Camping Kalac

Capacity: 600
Address: Korčula, Dubrovačka 19
(Dalmatia-Dubrovnik region)

 accommodation Korčula

Camping Kažela

Capacity: 5000
Address: Medulin, Kapovica 350

 accommodation Medulin

Naturist Camping Konobe

Capacity: 1500
Address: Punat, Obala 94

 accommodation Punat

Camping Korana NP Plitvice

Capacity: 2500
Address: Drežnik Grad, Čatrnja b.b.
(Continental Croatia)

 accommodation Drežnik Grad

Camping Kovačine

Capacity: 3100
Address: Cres, Melin I br. 20

 accommodation Cres

Naturist Park Koversada

Capacity: 5000
Address: Vrsar, Petalon 1

 accommodation Vrsar

Camping Kozarica

Capacity: 1236
Address: Pakoštane, B. Bušića b.b.
(Dalmatia-Zadar region)

 accommodation Pakoštane

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